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Probate Personal Representative Questions | Riverside County Probate

Probate Personal Representative Questions

Probate Personal Representative Questions – Riverside County Probate

Personal Representative Probate Questions and Information for Riverside County Palm Springs California


If you are now the Personal Representative for a Probate in Riverside County California we can help with homes in the Palm Springs California area.
As the person that is appointed to carry out the wishes of the probate can seem complex, time consuming and sometimes overwhelming.

You’ll want to work closely with legal counsel and understand the terms of the probate. As Probate Personal Representative you’ll take be in charge of the assets including real estate, investments, insurance policies, retirement policies, personal property and anything else related to the estate.
You will also be handling federal, state, local and estate taxes.

You’ll meet with beneficiaries and family members.

You will also have the responsibilities of appraisals, inventory and asset valuation.

You’ll also need to hire a realtor to help guide you through the sale and marketing of the real estate property in Riverside County.
Neal Nussbaum, Realtor, can make this part of your life much easier. No strings attached.

It is invaluable for you to have someone here locally you can call on and trust with questions, concerns and more. Someone who has reputable contacts and service providers when it comes to servicing probate properties. Someone who knows what to do and when to do it.

If you have any questions concerning real estate involved with the estate, feel free to contact me.  Or if you find you need a probate attorney here in the Riverside County California Palm Springs area I can refer you to some of the best here locally.


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