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Pros & Cons of Living in Palm Springs, California

If you are thinking of moving to a new location, one of the more obvious things you might do are create a pros and cons list. This is a great way of viewing all aspects as a whole and comparing the good and the bad. Today, we’re going to make a pros and cons outline for Palm Springs, California and see which outweighs the other.

Let’s start on a positive note: the pros. Palm Springs is a well known tourist destination, and that isn’t random! There are so many reasons why people choose Palm Springs over and over and that’s because of its unique beauty. Many people end up visiting, falling in love with the area, and purchasing a home! 50% of homeowners in Palm Springs live here full time, while the other 50% uses it as more of a getaway spot. When it comes to buying a home in California specifically, Palm Springs is definitely more affordable than other cities in this Golden State. 

Another pro of living in Palm Springs is being able to stay active year round. No cabin fever here! This area is jam packed with a variety of activities such as hiking, tennis, golf, and swimming to cool you down! There’s such an abundance of different things to do, it will be hard for you to pick which one! If you’re searching for the perfect mix of winter and summer Palm Springs is also the perfect spot to be. You’re smack in the middle of the ocean and the mountain! Big Bear and the beach are both two hours away from Palm Springs. One day you can drive up to the mountain to ski the slopes, and the next day you can lather on the sunblock and hit up the beach to work on that tan.

Palm Springs has a very diverse population and is also well known for their great health care. This area is saturated with doctors specializing in anything you need! No more long car rides to see a specialist because they are all in your neighborhood. 

With 350 days of sunshine a year, any kind of cuisine you can think of, an abundance of activities at your fingertips, what’s not to love? Well, although Palm Springs is one of the cheaper cities in California to live, it is one of the more expensive cities in the United States. Also, because of the summer heat, you’ll need to crank that a/c which will result in higher electric bills. Lastly, a concern living in California is the earthquakes. Sure, no place is perfect, but as you can see from our pros and cons debate, Palm Springs is pretty dang close! If you’re interested in buying a property in the area, give me a call. I’d love to help!


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